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Introducing Koiled, a coiled Kevlar Lanyard with unmatched strength and proven security which has been used for over 30 years by the military, police, prison services and even NASA. Based on recent demand, Koiled is now available to purchase by everyone.


Every purchase of our lanyard comes complete with a carabiner clip, snap clip and paracord attachments. The other side has a belt loop (but a clip can be used at this side).

Koiled can be used in a range of activities and outdoor pursuits to secure guns, keys, multi-tools, knives, tools and is perfect to attach your XShears!!


Koiled Lanyard was originally designed to prevent weapon loss, and is now widely used by Police, Para-Military, Military, Prison Services and Special Forces around the world and is NATO codified.

Koiled Kevlar Lanyard

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