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R-CAT Stemi + Badge

  • Clinicians  can save valuable time, reduce potential errors, initiate required treatment and improve patient outcomes by identifying 12 lead ECG changes associated with myocardial Ischemia, Injury and Infarction.


    This RCAT Stemi - 12 tool supports you when evaluating the characteristic alterations and ST changes which is critical to initiating appropriate treatment and to obtaining the best outcomes for your cardiac patient.

    It is also an excellent learning tool for students and those new to ECG interpretation.


    • A new convenient size that fits into trouser pockets,  scrub or lab coat pocket


    • Unique, double-sided panels that can be folded an refolded quickly


    • A laminated surface that can be marked and erased for repeated use


    Illustrates and explains:


    • Inferior wall changes
    • Septal wall changes
    • Anterior wall changes
    • Lateral wall changes
    • Inferior-Posterior wall changes
    • Reciprocal changes
    • Right Bundle Branch Block
    • Left Bundle Branch Block
    • Cardiac Axis

    This tool uses a novel, color-coded format to illustrate the classic ECG changes associated with myocardial damage on each of the heart surfaces.


    Proper placement and explanation of the limb and pre-cordial leads illustrated on a patient diagram.

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